About us

Partners in Direct Primary Care (DPC) was created to connect direct primary care practices and physician groups to under-served patient populations and employer groups. Our entire marketing approach is focused on personalized engagement, education and enrollment of new patients. We advocate connected care technology utilizing a digital health first approach to deliver real-time information to DPC providers while empowering their patients with the ability to take more control of their own health in today's digital world.

Everything you need is here to care for the whole person and thrive financially.

 Engage, educate and enroll new patients. Monitor and manage patient conditions with digital health. Uncover gaps in care with virtual and in-office visits while saving on labs and prescriptions. Consult a network of specialists for chronic conditions. It all adds up to financial freedom for you and personalized care for your patients with Partners in Direct Primary Care.

Curtis Phillips, Principal

Curtis is all about synergy and is focused on creating opportunities through strategic partnerships and clinical affiliations. With his multi-year experience in business consulting, marketing and emerging digital health technologies, Curtis helps drive the company vision of removing barriers to healthcare.