$ 399.00

starting from  / month / provider
1-3-6-9 mo. options, no monthly contracts
  • New patient acquisition campaigns
  • Hyperlocal "near me" marketing
  • Lead generation
  • Campaign management & reporting
  • Contact Call Center for DPC membership, outreach, and win-back campaigns



starting from  / month / location
1-3-6-9 mo. options, no monthly contracts
  • Promote healthy habits information
  • Health by topic education activities
  • Meet the doctor events  
  • Advocate DPC practice services
  • Promote add-on services  
  • Digital health device demonstrations
  • Small employer wellness screenings



each / member/ patient
one-time acquisition fee
  • *Member onboarding
  • Basic intake for patient or employee
  • Basic updates in provider's CRM/EHR 
  • Pre-membership outreach
  • Pre-enrollment email follow-up
  • First-appointment scheduling
  • First-appointment reminders
  • Post first-visit patient surveys

DPC Add-on-RPM

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) 

Includes preconfigured monitoring devices that work on delivery and provide alert monitoring, escalation and support for chronic conditions. Meets reimbursement guidelines.

*Member services coordinators are recommended for onboarding patients. Hourly rate may apply.

DPC Add-on-MCS

Medical Cost Sharing 

Includes marketing to individuals and small business employers interested in direct primary care and how medical cost sharing may work for their employees.

*Member services coordinators are recommended for marketing to employees. Hourly rate may apply.

DPC Add-on-SPL

Specialist Network Marketing

Includes marketing the practice to a network of specialists that can assist DPC providers with follow-up procedures when needed, clinical assessments or evaluations.

*Member services coordinators are recommended for initial launch. Hourly rate may apply.

DPC Add-on-ATH

At-home Health

Patient or family member purchases a virtual care health kit to enable remote evaluation of common conditions at-home and may include virtual care examinations and consultations with their Direct Primary Care provider.

Engage, Educate, Enroll.

Have the freedom to thrive financially.